DEA Sees Sharp Drop in Florida Oxycodone Sales

Florida’s three-year attack on pill mills and rogue doctors has taken a bite out of sales of oxycodone, the prescription drug that turned South Florida into the pain-pill capital of the Southeast.
Sales of the narcotic painkiller fell 20 percent last year at Florida pharmacies and other outlets, according to data released this week by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The main reason: Some of the area’s biggest pill mill operators and doctors were shut down or arrested, slowing a parade of out-of-state drug dealers and addicts seeking pain drugs, officials said.,0,7784949.story

Source: – February 1, 2012

Prescription Drug Abuse in Florida

CVS will not fill some prescriptions for potent drugs in Florida

CVS has told some doctors in Florida, the nation’s pill mill capital, that its retail pharmacies will no longer fill prescriptions they write for some potent and addictive drugs, a company spokesman said.
“While we regret any inconvenience this may cause for our customers, we treat the dispensing of controlled substances with the utmost care and seriousness,” CVS corporate public relations director Michael DeAngelis told Reuters in an e-mailed statement.
Source: – November 30, 2011


As Pill Mills Are Shut Down in Florida, Customers Turn to Web

A rise in Internet narcotics purchases is expected as regional pill mills shutter and addicts scramble for other sources of such popular and deadly narcotics as oxycodone. “Crack down on pill mills, and people will go to the ‘Net because it’s an easy source – and they deliver to your front door,” said Dr. Bryan Liang, vice president of Partnership for Safe Medicines, an advocacy group.
Source: Palm Beach Post News – December 4, 2011

Prescription for Tragedy – Multi-Part Series of Articles on Prescription Drugs and the Prescription Highway from the Louisville Courier-Journal

prescription drugs

This is an excellent series of articles published on prescription drug abuse in Kentucky and the ramifications of ‘pill mills’ in Florida. Published articles in October include:

  • Florida fights back in the battle against prescription-drug abuse
  • Kentucky works with border states sharing prescription data
  • Kentuckian strives to stay clean
  • Highlights of July 2011 Florida ‘pill-mill’ law
  • Welcome to Florida, Kentucky’s pain-pill pipeline
  • An addict’s journey from Kentucky to Florida
  • Graphic: Prescription Painkiller Highway

All articles in the series can be accessed at:

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal January – October 2011

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