Drug Addiction Relapse Infographic: The Revolving Door

relapse-the-revolving-door_0“One of the persistent challenges of fighting addiction is the risk of relapse, or the full return to an addictive lifestyle after an attempt to quit.”

This new infographic visually shows:

  • Rates of Drug Addiction Relapse vs. Chronic Illness
  • What Triggers a Relapse?
  • Relapse Rates by Drug
  • Factors Most Likely to Trigger Relapse
  • Demographics of Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions


Source: HealthWorksCollective.com – June 8, 2013


  1. This is a good initiative. More focus should also be on “‘ How to build self confidence in the process to recovery. Only when natural self confidence is regained shall an individual find reason to belief in themselves again.

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