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Understanding Drug Addiction

What Is Drug Addiction?

How Do Doctors Diagnose Addiction?

What Are The Results Of Addiction?

Is Addiction A Brain Disease


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) For Opioid Addiction

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

How Does Medication-Assisted Treatment With Methadone Help Patients?

How Can I Succeed In Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Doesn't Methadone Just Substitute One Addictive Drug For Another?

Can Methadone Treat Addiction To Other Drugs Besides Heroin?

How Long Does A Patient Need To Stay In Medication-Assisted Treatment?

How Can I Get Off Of Methadone?

Isn't Methadone Harder To "Kick" Than Heroin?

What Is Buprenorphine?

What Is Naltrexone? Is It Helpful For Treating Opioid Addiction?


Methadone Prescribing

What Is The Best Dose Of Methadone To Achieve Better Treatment Outcomes?

What Can Be Done If My Methadone Dose Doesn't Hold Me All Day?

Does the Formulation Or Brand Of Methadone Make A Difference?

Is It Safe To Take Methadone With Other Medications?

Does Methadone Spoil Or Go Bad?


Methadone Myths

Is It True That Methadone Was Developed By The Nazis And Originally Named After Hitler?

Does Methadone Get In Your Bones And Rot Your Teeth?


Health & Nutrition During Medication-Assisted Treatment

Are There Any Long-Term Harmful Effects Of Methadone?

I’m On Methadone - Which Is Also A Painkiller So What Happens If I Need Pain Medication?

Is Methadone Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Methadone Bad For The Heart?

Should Patients In MAT Have Special Heart-Health Tests?

Is Methadone Harmful For Medication-Assisted Treatment Patients With HIV/AIDS?

Do I Have To Get Off Of Methadone To Be Treated For Hepatitis C?

Are Treatments For Hepatitis C Infection Effective In Patients Taking Methadone?

Why Does Methadone Make Me Put On Weight?

What Is The Role Of Diet And Nutrition In Addiction Recovery?

Are Nutritional Supplements, Like Herbal Products, Safe To Use With Methadone?


Medication-Assisted Treatment and Lifestyle

Can Patients In MAT Participate In 12-Step Programs?

Is It Safe For A Methadone-Maintained Patient To Drive A Vehicle?

Can Methadone Be Taken Along During Travel To Other Countries?

Could Methadone Be Causing My Sexual Or Reproductive Problems?

Are Sleep Problems Common During MAT?

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