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Books & Booklets of Interest

(Most books are available from and other on-line booksellers.)

Medication-Assisted Treatment and Opioid Addiction


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Booklets for Patients, Families and Friends

A series of three booklets produced in 2009 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)) are designed to provide basic information about MAT for opioid addiction including medication options for treatment - methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. The booklets also explain how medication options fit into the overall recovery process.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction - Facts for Families and Friends
PDF PDF available here for download <click here…> (1.4MB, 20pp)

The Facts About Buprenorphine for Treatment of Opioid Addiction

PDF PDF available here for download <click here,,,> (2.13MB, 16pp)

The Facts About Naltrexone for Treatment of Opioid Addiction

PDF PDF available here for download <click here...> (594 KB, 16 pp)


Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction by Rod Colvin, M.S.

The main theme of the book is education. The public needs to be aware of the use of narcotics and the risk of addiction. They also need to understand that treatment is available.. The book also offers anecdotes of recovery from former addicts, along with insights from addiction medicine specialists.

This easy-to-read 203-page book would be a helpful to both persons who are addicted to prescription opioid drugs as well as their families.

HTML OnlineOvercoming Prescription Drug Addiction is available as an e-book for $4.99 at:


Methadone Maintenance Treatment in the U.S. - A Practical Question and Answer Guide

This user-friendly reference book on Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs), would be of interest to substance abuse treatment researchers, and other health service professionals who want to learn more about all aspects of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Authors Wendee M. Wechsberg, PhD; Jennifer J. Kasten, PhD; Nancy D. Berkman; and Amy E. Roussel offer insights into the history and effectiveness of methadone, methadone dosing practices, the characteristics of successful methadone treatment programs (budgets, treatment services, staff, etc.), as well as regulation and accreditation issues. The information presented in this guide is based on a study of more than 100 OTPs in 15 states.

HTML Online Methadone Maintenance Treatment in the U.S. A Practical Question and Answer Guide is available from Springer Publishing at: (ISBN: 0-826-10130-5, publication date May 2007; soft cover; 216 pages; list price $59.00).


Professional Perspectives on Addiction Medicine: Understanding Opioid Addiction and the Function of Methadone Treatment

This 125-page book from Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System, San Jose, CA, covers all the basics for OTP staff, patients, community leaders, criminal justice system authorities, and interested others. Presents easy to follow and authoritative information.

PDF Complete book PDF available online <click here…> (682KB, 124pp)


Addict in the Family - is a reference for persons addicted to substances of abuse, and for their relatives and friends. It provides a practical, no nonsense guide for better understanding drug abuse and the various treatment options available by Andrew Byrne.
 HTML Online <Click here to view PDF file online...>


Managing Chronic Pain

From SAMHSA - You Can Manage Your Chronic Pain to Live A Good Life

September 2013.

This is a guide that equips people who have chronic pain and mental illness or addiction with tips for working with their healthcare provider to decrease their pain without jeopardizing their recovery. Explores counseling, exercise, and alternative therapy, as well as medications.

Available for free download at:


Clinical Books of Interest

Principles of Addiction Medicine: The Essentials 

Extracted from Principles of Addiction Medicine, 4th Edition, this new book from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) provides a quick reference on virtually all addiction medicine topics. Key clinical points from each chapter of Principles of Addiction Medicine, 4th Edition, are presented in an easily readable manner, and the book is now available in both print and Kindle versions. Principles of Addiction Medicine: The Essentials is an excellent reference for a wide variety of addiction medicine professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, internal medicine/primary care physicians, and substance abuse counselors. Further information including the table of contents and ordering information is available at:

(Publication date  May 2011; paperbound; 600 pages; list price $74.99 plus shipping and taxes). The 5th edition is due out in Spring 2014.


Clinical Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice

The book published by American Psychiatric Publishing is well organized, with major sections on metabolism; cytochrome P450 enzymes; drug interactions by medical specialty; and practical matters, such as the medicolegal implications of drug-drug interactions and how to retrieve and review the literature.

Clinical Manual of Drug Interaction Principles for Medical Practice is available from APPI at (ISBN 9781585622962

((Publication date 2008; paperback; 608 pages; list price $66.00).


Psycho-Pharmacology Handbook for the Non-Medically Trained

Psycho-pharmacology HandbookUnquestionably, a large number of patients coming into Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) today have co-occurring mental or psychological disorders of some sort. And, most of those persons are already taking or will be prescribed medications for those afflictions, an aspect of medicine called “psychopharmacology.”

Therefore, - Psychopharmacology Handbook for the Non-Medically Trained – serves a vital need for

OTP clinic staff who would benefit from a better understanding of those medications.

As the title implies, this 270-page text could be invaluable for clinic staff who might be considered non-medically trained: counselors, therapists, social workers, and others who have patient contact. These

persons need to understand the variety of medications patients may be taking, their actions, typical dosages, side effects, and expected impact on recovery from both addiction and mental illness.

At the same time, since medically trained providers – nurses and physicians – absolutely need such knowledge, this book could serve them well in broadening their education. Even the most experienced or psychiatrically trained medical staff might find this book to be an excellent review and a handy reference text. Whether medically trained or not, MMT staff must spend time educating patients, their family members, and others about the benefits of combining medication regimens with effective psychosocial strategies. This book can help provide necessary knowledge.

Psychopharmacology Handbook for the Non-Medically Trained is available from the publisher, W.W. Norton, New York at: (ISBN: 0-393-70459-9; publication date July 2006; hardcover; 240 pages; list price $27.50). It also is available from


4th Edition of Classic Text from ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) - Principles of Addiction Medicine, 4th Edition - 2009 provides a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis andtreatment of addictive disorders, as well as the management of co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions. The 1,408 page Principles of Addiction Medicine, Fourth Edition, priced at $216.99, can be ordered by phoning 1-800/638-3030 Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST or visiting Lippincott Williams & Wilkins’ website at:


Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment; 6th ed., Marc A. Schuckit, MD provides an overview of drug classifications and mechanisms, and covers the pharmacology and mental/physical effects of alcohol, depressants, stimulants, opioids, hallucinogens, cannabis, and more. Most critical, there is an emphasis throughout the book on how to deal with emergency medical problems related to drug abuse, addiction, and overdose.

Schuckit recommends skimming all of the chapters covering the many drug classes. From there, the book can serve as a handbook, kept nearby for easily-accessed advice on dealing with drug-related crises or confirming suspected drug-induced symptomatology appearing in clinical settings.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment; 6th ed. is from Springer. Available online from ($79.89 and free shipping).

Recovery Options: The Complete Guide

Authors Joseph Volpicelli, MD, PhD and Maia Szalavitz provides an in-depth look at the many ways to view alcoholism and other drug addictions, and an overview of addiction treatment research, modalities, and pharmacotherapies.

The outlook in this book is extremely well-balanced, without lobbying for any particular treatment approach as a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, the "Penn Paradigm," which Volpicelli advocates, stresses that "it is what the patient considers important, not what the treatment program is pushing, that matters." The underlying posture of the entire book is, "Patients given a menu of treatment options do significantly better than those who are simply told what to do." Patients, or prospective patients, also will greatly benefit from this book, as denoted by its subtitle: How You and Your Loved Ones Can Understand and Treat Alcohol and Other Drug Problems.

Recovery Options: The Complete Guide from Wiley books is available at local bookstores (ISBN 047134575X, 2000, paperback, 320pp), or from ($11.67 plus shipping) and other online booksellers .


Books on the History of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Drug Policy, Addiction and Recovery

Incomprehensible Demoralization - An Addict Pharmacist's Journey to Recovery

Published in 2008 by Jarod Combs, this book tells his story of being an addict and pharmacist and his road to recovery. (Paperback, 184pp). Highly rated by readers.

HTML Online The book can be ordered online at for $16.57.


The Narcotic Farm: The Rise and Fall of America's First Prison for Drug Addicts

Published in 2008 by authors Nancy D. Campbell, J.P. Olsen and Luke Walden, this book tells the story of the U.S. Narcotic Farm outside Lexington, Kentucky, in operation from 1935 to 1975. Originally designed to rehabilitate addicts and to find a cure for drug addiction, “Narco,” as the Farm was known locally, served as a federal prison as well. The Farm became a major center for research into drug addiction and its treatment. Scientists at the institution made important advances in using drugs that block the action of opiates and in using methadone to treat heroin withdrawal. (ISBN 0810972867 2008, hardcover, 208pp).

HTML Online The book can be ordered online at for $17.16.


Addiction Treatment - Science and Policy for the Twenty-first Century

Edited by Jack E. Henningfield, Patricia B. Santora, and Warren K. Bickel, this book examines drug addiction treatment in the United States. It explores specific challenges (scientific, medical, social, and legal) to reaching the goal that treatment for drug addiction should be as accessible as treatments for diseases of the heart, liver, and lungs which often result from the use of addictive drugs. These essays, written by leaders in addiction science, medicine, and health policy, present diverse and often opposing points of view to foster thought and discussion. Addiction Treatment provides a solid foundation for understanding addiction as a treatable illness and for establishing a framework for effective treatment in the twenty-first century.                

HTML Online The book can be ordered online at for $44.65 and free shipping.


Discovering Addiction - The Science and Politics of Substance Abuse Research (Hardcover)
Authored by Nancy D. Campbell, Discovering Addiction (2007) brings the history of human and animal experimentation in addiction science into the present with a wealth of archival research and dozens of oral-history interviews with addiction researchers. Professor Campbell examines the birth of addiction science—the National Academy of Sciences's project to find a pharmacological fix for narcotics addiction in the late 1930s—and then explores the human and primate experimentation involved in the succeeding studies of the "opium problem," revealing how addiction science became "brain science" by the 1990s.
HTML Online The book can be ordered online at for $61.75 and free shipping.


The Fix

Published in 2000, The Fix authored by Michael Massing, makes a case for the return of the community-based drug treatment clinic model that was a cornerstone of U.S. drug policy under Richard Nixon. While Nixon's personal distaste for illegal drugs may have been most evident in his decision to ignore evidence indicating that marijuana use did not lead irreparably to harder drugs, his pragmatism helped him recognize that the problem of narcotics was far more cost-effectively approached as a health issue rather than one strictly of law enforcement. In a narrative that alternates between descriptions of a drug-ridden neighborhood in Harlem and policy makers in the nation's capital, Massing compellingly argues that the most effective battle against addiction is the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive national treatment system.

HTML Online The book can be ordered online at for $29.16.


Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America (Paperback)

Authored by William L. White 1998, this is a comprehensive book on the history of addiction treatment and recovery.

HTML Online The book can be ordered online at for $18.80.

A Doctor Among the Addicts

This book is a biography of Marie Nyswander. It was written by Nat Hentoff, and published in 1968.

HTML Online For additional information visit Note: only used copies are available for purchase.


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