Pregnancy and Addiction Treatment – The Number of Pregnant Women Who Receive Treatment for Substance Abuse is Shockingly Low, But Options Do Exist

baby“According to recent nationwide data from SAMHSA, 11.6% of pregnant women aged 15 – 44 years old used alcohol, while 17.3% used tobacco, 6% used prescription medications, and 4.3% used illicit drugs.

While scare tactics abound—the recent Tennessee Pregnancy Criminalization Law would charge a pregnant mother with aggravated assault if they have a pregnancy complication due to the use of illegal narcotics or if the child is born addicted to or harmed by the narcotic drug. Research has shown that providing comprehensive drug treatment and prenatal care for mother and child significantly improves birth outcomes and the child’s development. Contrary to what some believe, pregnant women who are dependent on substances of abuse can—and do—deliver healthy babies.

The article addresses treatment trends, drugs of choice, barriers to treatment, treatment options, opioids on the rise, dispelling myths: detox and opioid replacement medications, NAS, and challenges.”

Source: – – October 29, 2014