Opinion by Maia Szalavitz : We Try More Drugs than Anyone Else, and 9 Other Ways Addiction Is Different in America

“We Americans like to think of ourselves as exceptional, the land of the free and the home of the brave, the City on the Hill and all that. When it comes to the politics and culture of drugs, we are indeed special—or at least dramatically different from the rest of the Western world. Too often, however, we are special for the wrong reasons.”

  1. We Try More Drugs Than Anyone Else
  2. We Incarcerate More People Than Anyone Else
  3. We Use More Opioids Medically (But Not for the Reasons You Might Think)
  4. We’re in the Middle of the Road on Alcohol
  5. We Have the World’s Highest Legal Drinking Age
  6. Our Treatment System Is Dominated by 12-Step Programs
  7. Coercion Is a Common Route to Treatment
  8. We Spend the Most Money on Addiction Research
  9. We Determine What Is and What Isn’t Legal Worldwide (But for No Rational Reason)
  10. We’re Not Very Good at Measuring Addiction


Source:Pacific Standard – July 4, 2014