Pioneer Voices Blog by William White

“When I launched my website in 2010, it seemed a perfect venue to create an archive where interviews could be made available worldwide at the click of a mouse.  Since then, I have more than 100 interviews with addiction treatment and recovery advocacy pioneers.  I would like to call your attention to several of these recently posted interviews.”

  • Dr. Stephanie Covington explores the evolution of her pioneering work in the development of gender-specific treatment and recovery support services in the United States.
  • Karen Moyer and Brian Maus discuss the needs of children affected by addiction and the unique program they have developed to enhance the health and development of such children.
  • A.J. Senerchia is one of the leaders of a new organization, Young People in Recovery (YPR).  Young people are playing an increasingly important role in the new recovery advocacy movement, and the interview with A.J. provides background on YPR and the role of young people in this larger movement.  Very inspiring.
  • Dr. Joan Zweben has made significant contributions to the clinical treatment of addiction.   She was an early voice calling for recovery-oriented psychotherapy within addiction treatment, and she has been one of the pioneers in elevating the quality and recovery orientation of medication-assisted treatment in the U.S.  In this engaging interview, she describes her life and work.

“At the near-end of my career, I have had the pleasure of learning insights gleaned from the lives of these and other pioneers in the addictions field.  What I would have given to have had such access when I began this work in the 1960s.  For those at all stages of your careers, here is such an opportunity.” The 100+ interviews are posted at:

Source: – May 24, 2014