Blog by William L. White: Waiting For Breaking Good: The Media and Addiction Recovery

“The major media outlets have long been chastised for the content and style of their coverage of alcohol- and drug-related problems.  Such criticisms include the glamorization of drug use, the demonization of drug users, and charges that the media is complicit in ineffective drug policies.  Few have raised parallel concerns that popular media coverage of addiction recovery is rare, often poorly selected, and told through a lens that does little to welcome the estranged person back into the heart of community life.  If media representatives do not “get it” (“it” being recovery), then what precisely is it that they don’t get?  What are the mistold and untold stories and their personal and public consequences to which media leaders ought to be held accountable?

Having closely observed such coverage for nearly half a century, I would offer twelve points from the perspective of a long-tenured recovery advocate.”

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Source: – March 1, 2014