ATTC: The Bridge Newsletter – Spring 2014

“In this issue of The Bridge, their editorial board members were presented with this challenge: What are the advantages (or disadvantages) of integrating SUD/AUD treatment into mainstream medical care? This is an issue of substantial prominence today, and an issue that has huge implications for the future of the treatment of SUDs.”

Articles in this issue include:

  • Introduction to This Issue of The Bridge
  • What are the Advantages of Integrating SUD/AUD Treatment into Mainstream Medical Care?
  • Better Treatment Through Medication: A Case for Integration
  • Advantages of Integrating Care Outweigh the Challenges
  • Can we Change and Keep the Best of What We Have?
  • Integrating Addiction Treatment into Medical Care: The Devil’s Advocate
  • Building 21st Century Systems of Care for Alcohol and Drug Use Disorders: Healthcare Transformation and Integration in Oregon

The PDF file can be downloaded at:

Source: The Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network Spring 2014 Issue