Medicaid Cutbacks in Maine Leave 400 OTP Patients without Coverage

medicaid“In what appears to be insult added to injury, Maine opioid treatment program (OTP) patients not only face having to prove themselves in order to stay in treatment for more than medicaidtwo years, but, due to a cutback in Medicaid, 400 of them will be left with no access to state-paid treatment no matter how well they are doing.”

Alcoholism Drug Abuse Weekly asked John A. Martins, spokesman for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, in an e-mail what the state’s plans are for those patients.

“Substance use and abuse is not new in Maine or across the nation and occurred long before Maine’s initial expansion of the MaineCare program in 2002 to cover those who are losing coverage,” said Martins. “We remain committed to effective and efficient use of non-MaineCare resources to improve education and successfully prevent addiction and intervene early before addiction occurs.

Source: – January 27, 2014