LETTER to the Editor: Treating Opioid Addiction – Response to the NY Times Article Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side from ASAM

ASAM logoIn mid-November the New York Times ran an article “A Double-Edged Drug – Addiction Treatment on the Dark Side.”  As of December 19, the article has generated almost 400 responses and numerous other websites/blogs have responded to the article.

On November 25, Stuart Gitlow, R. Jeffrey Goldsmith, and Louis E. Baxter Sr. of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) sent a Letter to the Editor responding, “Physicians alone cannot solve our nation’s opioid epidemic. Public education about the benefits of treatment, recovery and quality care can. We hope that your article encourages a national dialogue about the importance of expanding access to quality care for a highly stigmatized, underserved patient population.”

The writers are, respectively, president, president-elect and past president of ASAM.


Source: NYTimes.com – November 25, 2013