MARS™ Thought-Leadership Helps Raise Profile of Peer Recovery Support Services: Ginter Joins Plenary, Will Showcase Innovative Trainings at 2013 AATOD Conference

Medication-Assisted Recovery Services (MARS™), part of a leading national nonprofit organization that provides peer support services and training to address the needs of the medication-assisted recovery community, announced its Project Director has been invited to deliver a plenary presentation at the upcoming 2013 AATOD Conference in Philadelphia. Walter Ginter will join other prominent treatment and recovery leaders during the middle plenary session to talk about “Keeping Recovery the Focus”.

In his plenary session, Mr. Ginter will focus specifically on how methadone became the pathway for him to reach his full potential and how he has taken that experience to create the MARS™ Project, a structured program of education and peer support that is helping many others across the country who are in medication-assisted treatment to strengthen their recovery. He will also share his work as an advocate for medication-assisted recovery, helping overcome the barriers and stigma that can fight against recovery efforts.

Mr. Ginter will participate in the plenary session entitled “Keeping Recovery the Focus”, which hones in on a new era that will require programs to adapt to the ongoing implementation of health care reform. Emphasis will be on the 50-year evolution of methadone treatment and where the field is today as an accredited, science-based modality.

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Source: – October 14, 2013