Blog: Why Drug Test

“Every so often one of my established office-based buprenorphine (Suboxone) patients gets a little rebellious about being asked to take drug tests. They feel since they’ve been doing so well for so long, they no longer need urine drug tests. They say things like, “Don’t you trust me by now?” But it’s not about them or their character. It’s about the disease of addiction. I tell them some abbreviated form of the following:

  • Patients in treatment don’t always tell me when they’ve relapsed.
  • It’s good medical practice.
  • There’s a gold mine of information in relapses.
  • Drug screening benefits the patient by giving them accountability.
  • Drug screening also shows them I’m serious about their recovery.
  • It’s the standard of care.

Source: JanaBurson – August 31, 2013