Treatment for U.S. Opioid Addicts Often Inadequate, Researchers Say

In an article published in August in the journal Health Affairs, Dr. Bohdan Nosyk and seven other experts in the field say there’s a major gap between current treatment options and evidence-based practices.

“Forty-five years after the introduction of opioid substitution treatment, practitioners have at their disposal more tools than ever to treat opioid dependence,” the researchers wrote. “Yet these tools are not being used to their greatest potential in the United States or Canada.”

Nosyk — an associate professor of health economics in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia — said excessive regulation presents the biggest barrier for treatment in the U.S.

He spoke to the PBS NewsHour recently about the current state of opioid addiction treatment, options for closing some of the existing gaps and how the Affordable Care Act might play a role.

Source: – August 5, 2013