POLL QUESTION: Should Methadone Programs Include Birth Control?

question boxUniversity of Maine researcher Marie Hayes says she has been criticized for her opinion that methadone programs should incorporate birth control for addicted women.

“That sounds like you’re saying, ‘These defective people shouldn’t reproduce,’ so I’ve been attacked by social workers for that position [who say] ‘Why can’t they have a family like everyone else?’ And the answer is they can, as soon as they get their health back.”

She did not suggest that methadone programs should incorporate sterilization.”

As of July 25, there 656 total votes and 83.24% voted yes.


Source: BangorDailyNews.com – July 16, 2013


  1. Penny E. Harris says

    It is certainly something that a methadone program could incorporate with their referral plans/agreements and to explore in treatment goals with women who want that, educating women on pregnancy and birth control particularly since the women may not be menstruating which may lead them to think they cannot get pregnant. However, this would also be helpful for men’s awareness and education. So it may be better to focus on reproduction, decisions about reproduction, healthy relationships, etc. I have experienced many women who become pregnant and gain increased motivation for recovery.

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