June 2013 Issue of Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems is Now Available Online

heroin addictionHeroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems, the official journal of EUROPAD (European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association), is a peer-reviewed publication for professionals wanting to stay informed of research and opinion on opioid misuse treatment in Europe and around the world. A particular emphasis is on medication-assisted treatments for opioid addiction. Articles in the June issue include:

  • The Psychopathology of Addiction
  • It’s time to admit the existence of a psychopathology of addiction
  • Drug addiction: affective temperaments as risk factors
  • Drug (heroin) addiction, bipolar spectrum and impulse control disorders
  • Psychopathological symptoms of heroin addicts at treatment entry
  • The effects of agonist opioids on the psychopathology of opioid dependence
  • Intentional self-poisoning versus other methods of suicide in illicit drug users, according
    to gender
  • The Italian Manifesto for the treatment of heroin addiction.  The mixed care model.
    A proposed layout for a new healthcare system for citizens with heroin addiction

The June issue is available at: http://atforum.com/documents/HeroinJune2013.pdf


Source: Europad – June 2013