Blog on Methadone Dosing: Use the Evidence

blog1“The most successful opioid treatment programs and the most successful patients in those programs use evidence-based dosing of methadone. Many studies over the last 40 years show patients do better on adequate doses of methadone. They have better outcomes when they’re on enough methadone to block physical withdrawal signs and symptoms than when they’re on insufficient doses.

When patients ask me how much methadone they should be taking, my answer is, “Enough.” I’m not advocating taking doses higher than they need to be, but if the patient looks like they’re in withdrawal, and they feel like they’re in withdrawal, it’s best to take the dose up. We want to use the lowest effective dose.”

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Source: Jana Burson – July 7, 2013


  1. jayme says

    You are absolutely right about the dosing required to keep withdrawal symptoms
    At bay, and that you aren’t just pushing a higher dose on patients like most
    Believe you are. I have heard that many times from people outside of the
    Treatment field.they feel as though doctors are pushing to keep patients hooked
    So that they can keep money in their pockets. Personally my doctor cares to see me
    On a dose that will keep withdrawal away. Every patient is different and if a higher dose
    Is required and is necessary to remain comfortable, so that a patient
    Doesn’t have to revert back to drug seeking on the street and can remain ‘normal’.
    I am on methadones side as it has given back moreso than taking away my life!

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