SAMHSA Request for Comments on the Federal Guidelines for Opioid Treatment

SAMHSAOn May 16 the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) issued a Dear Colleague letter seeking public comments on the revised 2007 SAMHSA Guidelines for the Accreditation of Opioid Treatment Programs. These guidelines elaborated upon the Federal opioid treatment standards set forth under 42 CFR Part 8.

The Federal Guidelines for Opioid Treatment are intended to inform accreditation organizations in revising their accreditation standards. In addition, the Guidelines provide useful elaborations on the regulatory standards set forth under 42 CFR Part 8. As such, the updated guidelines will assist both accreditation organizations and OTPs in complying with regulatory requirements.

Prepared initially in 1997, SAMHSA’s Guidelines for Opioid Treatment are being updated now to reflect new information and research in the field of opioid assisted treatment. The Center for Substance Treatment (CSAT) convened an expert panel to provide the draft guideline now being circulated for comment. CSAT is soliciting comments on the guideline from the public, and expects comments from OTPs, accreditation organizations, patients, the medical community, and other interested parties.

In order to publish a revised guideline, CSAT will consider all comments submitted by July 16, 2013.

The Dear Colleague letter is available at:

The revised draft of the Guidelines is available at:

Source: – May 16, 2013