Poorly Managed Pain Relief Can Have Devastating Consequences for Addicts

pain“Research led by King’s College London’s National Addiction Centre (NAC) calls for systemic attempts to reduce stigma and raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals when treating current or former addicts

The mismanagement of pain in current and former addicts can have disastrous, life-threatening consequences, according to a report published today by researchers from King’s NAC.

The report, which was commissioned by Action on Addiction and is endorsed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, warns that current and former addicts are at risk of relapse to addiction, compromised medical care and potentially fatal overdose when being treated for pain in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. The report, entitled The management of pain in people with a past or current history of addiction, identifies the stigma surrounding addiction as the main barrier to safe and effective pain relief.”


Source: HealthCanal.com – June 13, 2013