5 Myths about Addiction that Undermine Recovery

“Honest, courageous and insightful aren’t words typically used to describe drug addicts. But if given the chance, many addicts end up developing these qualities and contributing to society in a way they never imagined possible. These successes occur in spite of major obstacles, from the ever-present threat of relapse to the pervasive stereotypes addicts encounter along the way. Even with three decades of myth-busting research behind us, some of the most damaging beliefs about addiction remain.” The five myths include:

  • Addicts are bad people who deserve to be punished.
  • Addiction is a choice.
  • People usually get addicted to one type of substance.
  • People who get addicted to prescription drugs are different from people who get addicted to illegal drugs.
  • Treatment should put addicts in their place.


Source: PsychologyToday.com – May 14, 2013