Vaccine Halts Heroin Addiction in Rats

Needle1“A vaccine to treat heroin addiction has proven effective in keeping drug-addicted rats from relapsing in a preclinical trial, according to a study published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute in California say the vaccine is now ready for human trials.

Initial research into the vaccine in 2011 found that it could effectively keep rats from becoming addicted to heroin without affecting the pain relief they experienced from other opiates. This study built on those results using rats that were already addicted, finding that the vaccine could keep them from resuming compulsive drug-taking behavior even after they experienced withdrawal.”

Source: – May 7, 2013


  1. John Sendall-King says

    Wow, sounds too good to be true. What would be so great is the ability to stop the overwhelming compulsion to recidivate after withdrawal.

  2. Clarence Bowden says

    I appreciated the article of the coming human trials with the Heroin Vaccine. Having articles like this is extremely helpul to those of us treating the addictive disorders. It affords us the opportunity to “keep hope alive” with those that feel all is lost because of thier lengthy use.

    Clarence Bowden, CASAC
    Clinical Director,
    Serendipity 1
    Ph (718) 398-0096 Fax (347) 770-8654

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