The Affordable Care Act: Shaping Substance Abuse Treatment Information Brief

Information BriefThis new Information Brief made available from Carnevale Associates examines the financing and provision of substance abuse treatment under the Affordable Care Act.

“In the wake of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), American healthcare financing is at a crossroads. The ACA contains numerous provisions to reduce healthcare costs, improve quality, and expand coverage. In addition to offering states the opportunity to expand their Medicaid programs, the ACA features many chances to explore new funding mechanisms, including integrated care and payment models. If states adopt the ACA’s changes, the law will have profound effects throughout the healthcare industry. This brief considers the likely impact of the ACA on the financing and provision of substance abuse treatment. The ACA will:

  •  Expand the pool of individuals covered by Medicaid and private insurance;
  • Expand substance abuse coverage un-der Medicaid and private insurance; and
  • Alter the relationship between substance abuse providers, payers, and clients through care coordination, integrated care, and shared savings & risks.”

The Information Brief concluded, “The ACA will significantly alter the behavioral health landscape, affecting clients, providers, and payers for years to come. Although it is too early to predict the exact impact of the confluence of Medicaid expansions, Affordable Insurance Market-places, EHBs, care integration, MHPAEA, and accountable payment systems, providers will surely face new clients, a notable shift in payers, and changing financing schemes. With Medicaid and private insurance set to take on larger roles, providers and clients will face serious challenges and profound opportunities.”

Source:  – April 2013