Blog: The State of Denial (Tennessee) gets Another Chance/Update on the State of Denial: Is the Tide Finally Turning?

“A new opioid treatment program has applied for a certificate of need with Tennessee’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, asking for permission to locate a methadone clinic in Eastern Tennessee. Sources say this is the eleventh attempt to locate an opioid treatment program that prescribes methadone in that part of Tennessee. In 2002, approval was given but then withdrawn due to a technicality.

Even if the certificate of need is approved, this company faces stiff opposition from the modern-day equivalent of villagers with pitchforks, demanding that no treatment center be located near them. This is the ugly face of modern day NIMBYism, and it violates the American with Disabilities Act, a topic of a past blog. (See November 14, 2012) It’s illegal, and past federal court rulings have sent a clear message to towns that violated the ADA in this way, with high six-figure fines.”

Source: Jana Burson – April 7, 2013

 Blog: Update on the State of Denial: Is the Tide Finally Turning?

“After my last post, I heard from Steve Kester, the co-owner and manager of the company seeking to open an opioid treatment program in Johnson City, Tennessee. He’s had great news: the certificate of need was approved. In addition, he was invited to write a Sunday editorial in the Johnson City Press, correcting mistaken information and explaining more about how an opioid treatment program works. It’s a great article.

Granted, it’s still posted in the paper as an opinion piece, though every bit of data he describes is science, proven in multiple studies. That’s much more than an opinion. But still, it’s progress for the paper to print this side of the treatment issue.”

Correction from the author, “I misread news about the certificate of need submitted to the state of Tennessee for an opioid treatment program in Johnson City. The certificate of need has been accepted, meaning it is complete. It has not been approved, as I said in this blog entry.”

Source: Jana Burson – April 11, 2013