Panel Backs Approval of Implants for Addiction Treatment

FDA“A four-rod subdermal implant that slowly releases buprenorphine over 6 months should be approved for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence, although more work is needed to determine optimal dosing strategies and how to address the potential risks of the treatment, the majority of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended.

At a meeting on March 21, the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee voted 10-4, with 1 abstention, to recommend approval, based on the efficacy, safety, and risk-benefit profile in opioid-addicted adults treated with the implants, in two phase III placebo-controlled studies. In those studies, the mean proportion of negative urine tests over 24 weeks, the primary endpoint, was significantly higher among those who received the buprenorphine implant, compared with those who had a placebo implant. “

Source: – March 25, 2013


  1. John Mark Blowen APRN says

    Seems like this may manage DEPENDENCE in a subset of the population but what about ADDICTION treatment – which is optional in the suboxone program – and frequently not accessed …

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