Tennessee – Safe Harbor Bill to Protect Infants Wins Passage in Senate Health and Welfare Committee

”Legislation which aims to improve health outcomes for infants born to drug-addicted mothers won passage in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee on Wednesday.  

Senate Bill 459, sponsored by Senator Ken Yager (R-Harriman), encourages pregnant women who misuse prescription opioids to access early prenatal care and drug rehabilitation. In exchange, they would be given a safe harbor from having their parental rights terminated through a petition filed by the Department of Children’s Services due to prenatal drug abuse. The safe harbor only applies if the mother meets certain requirements set out in the bill to protect the health of the fetus.”


Source: Chatanoogan.com – February 28, 2013


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    I would be interested to know if Medication-Assisted Treatment would qualify as “drug rehabilitation” under this legislation. Being an advocate and activist in Tennessee, this legislation is of particular interest to me. I will read up on it and speak to my State Senator; please provide any more information that may be available from AT Forum on this issue… Thanks so much for all you do.

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