AATOD Guidelines for Guest Medication

“Absent regulations or published practices for Guest Medication, AATOD is providing these recommended “Guest Medication” guidelines. Guest Medication provides a mechanism for patients who are not eligible for take-home medication to travel from their home clinic for business, pleasure or family emergencies. It also provides an option for patients who need to travel for a period of time that exceeds the amount of  eligible take-home doses to do so within regulatory requirements. While AATOD acknowledges there may be state and program variations, AATOD believes that Guest Medication should be patient centered, respectful, and compassionate.”


Source: American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc. – March 6, 2013


  1. Chris Kelly says

    OTPs can use the CSAT exemption process for patients who have to travel, etc, if they are not yet eligible for enough takehomes. I thought that “guest dosing” was to be a thing of the past? For so many patients its an unaffordable cost too, since they have to pay for their home OTP and many OTPS charge as much as $30 dose for “guest dosing”. Patients have had to miss funerals etc because their home OTPs refuse to use the CSAT exemption process

    Chris Kelly

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