Why Do We Have Methadone Clinics? An OpEd by Dr. Alen-Salarian

“The rules of treatment are straightforward: attend classes 365 times a year, be on time, and be patient; do not complain, wait for turn, take your pill, walk away and when asked do not protest and give urines for you’re not a man or a woman to be trusted; you are an addict after all and you have no right. You are something less than good.”

“If this is an exaggeration, why then do we make people attend clinics every day, 365 days a year, and deprive them of their freedom to travel? Why do they have to wait for their medications? What is unsafe about methadone? The truth is methadone is one of the safest and nonabusable medications. Yes, methadone is not abusable, but patients who take them are. If a diabetic can go to a pharmacy and obtain needles and insulin and is not forced to go to a clinic every day, why then do we make a patient with addiction endure humiliation and indignity to receive care?”

Alen J. Salerian, MD is a Washington, DC based physician, author, and historian who has been practicing psychiatry and psychopharmacology for 35 years. He is the former chief psychiatrist of the FBI’s mobile psychiatric unit. He has authored numerous newspaper and peer reviewed articles in publications ranging from The Washington Post to The Lancet.


Source:  OpEdNews.com – November 29, 2012