How Would the Candidates Debate Drugs?

In round 2 of the Obama vs. Romney debates there were no questions about drugs. The Fix surveyed their columnists and contributing writers for the top five drug questions they would ask Obama and Romney.

What follows is what they told us, along with an at-a-glance comparison of the two candidates’ positions, based on what they have said or done.

  • As president, would you support the disease model of addiction and, if so, would you reallocate funding so that these medical matters have a bigger share of the pie?
  • As president, how would you address this growing epidemic among our soldiers and veterans?
  • As president, what policies would you support to insure that the benefits of our current drug laws outweigh the costs?
  • As president, how would you prosecute a more effective effort to reduce drug trafficking and drug use?
  • As president, what would your policy be regarding the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana?

Source: – October 15, 2012