5 Damaging Myths about Addiction

A study currently being conducted at the University of California Los Angeles, is finding even more evidence that one of the top reasons addicts put off treatment is a fear of the social consequences. “In a nutshell, people fear the label of “recovered addict” more than they do the hardships of going “cold turkey.” Why? Because in many cases they risk facing social humiliation and a variety of legal restrictions on driving, housing, custody of children, business licensing, as well as an extended period of mandated drug testing, many of which stem from a misunderstanding of addiction.
The article discusses the following five addiction myths:

  • Myth No. 1: There is an addiction gene
  • Myth No. 2: Marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’
  •  Myth No. 3: Addiction is for life
  • Myth No. 4: Drugs ‘fry’ your brain
  • Myth No. 5: You have to hit ‘rock bottom’


Source: CNN.com – September 13, 2012


  1. says

    While I enjoyed reading your article, I can say that I diagree somewhat with your answers. I do believe that someone who is an addiction has a gene that contributes to their addiction. I believe that addiction as a primary disease can be arrested, but not cured. A person suing drugs is a bandaid for underlying mental problems that they self medicate to not feel the pain they are in. When the drugs go away and the addict is recovered from the drugs, other addictions may take the place, because the disease of addiction has a core that is centered in compulsion and obsession. These core items do not go away. Hitting a bottom are what you described in your article. Each person’s bottom is different. No one “waits” for the bottom, they just “arrive” at a point that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
    I appreciate your input, but lets be real. An addict will always be an addict; either a using addict or a recovered addict. Employers are very open to hiring recovered addicts and I have not heard on one who was discriminated aginst because of their recovery. Employers will be partial to the using addict, however. Somone who is not abreast of addiction would tend to believe alll the glorious things that you have said, but it is not totally accurate.

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