5 Damaging Myths about Addiction

A study currently being conducted at the University of California Los Angeles, is finding even more evidence that one of the top reasons addicts put off treatment is a fear of the social consequences. “In a nutshell, people fear the label of “recovered addict” more than they do the hardships of going “cold turkey.” Why? Because in many cases they risk facing social humiliation and a variety of legal restrictions on driving, housing, custody of children, business licensing, as well as an extended period of mandated drug testing, many of which stem from a misunderstanding of addiction.
The article discusses the following five addiction myths:

  • Myth No. 1: There is an addiction gene
  • Myth No. 2: Marijuana is a ‘gateway drug’
  •  Myth No. 3: Addiction is for life
  • Myth No. 4: Drugs ‘fry’ your brain
  • Myth No. 5: You have to hit ‘rock bottom’


Source: CNN.com – September 13, 2012