Chronic Abuse of Prescription Drugs Skyrocketing

Overdose deaths from prescription pain killers is rising, and a new report suggests it’s not people looking for a quick fix, but long-term use that may be leading to the problem.

A new CDC study shows the number of people who abused prescription pain killers for more than 200 days in the last year rose by nearly 75% between 2002-03 and 2009-10. But estimates for overall past-year abuse have stayed about the same since 2002.

“This finding is important because it parallels increases in overdose deaths, treatment admissions, and other negative effects associated with opioid pain relievers in recent years,” researcher Christopher M. Jones, PharmD, MPH, of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the CDC, writes in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Source: – June 25, 2012


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    I have had the same doctor for 10 years. I have spinal stenosis. when I first went to this doctor, he had just started his practrice. so, when I was done tring every thing for my back, nothing worked. this doctor gave me 240 methadone wafers, 80mgs of oxcontin, and moriphine. my God, what he was doing was getiing me highly addicted so i would always come back.
    years later, i just remained on 90mgs of methadone. as time went on, some how my back became a mess they want to do surgeory, but are not sure if its safe, so am know walking as though am 90 years old, the pain is pain I have never felt before, it is horrifing. Now am still on 90mgs of methadone and 15mgs of oxcodone. It hardley touches the pain, I have asked him to raise my breakthough at least till they decide to do whar ever with my back, he says no, this doctor, will not give me any more pain relive as i really need it. he is mean to me now etc. what I need to know is if their some one who I can go to to complain of my situation??? does the f.d.a help with the oppiste problem?? am so very scared, I never go out side any more, I have to have a wheel chair now. the pain is unbearable.. I need help and do not know were to turn
    thank you very much
    Debbie Stevens

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