Take-Home Methadone Maintenance Treatment Associated With Decreased Hospital Admissions

Patients in methadone maintenance patients that exhibit treatment successes, including regular attendance at clinic and counseling sessions, as well as passing urine screenings for illicit drug use, are rewarded with “take home” methadone doses. Previous studies have shown that receiving “take home” doses and receiving doses of 80 milligrams or more are associated with improved addiction treatment outcomes, but the impact of these factors on hospitalizations was unknown.

To explore these questions, the researchers performed a retrospective analysis of 138 patients enrolled in the Boston Public Health Commission’s MMT program for a period of two years between 2006 and 2008. The results showed that patients receiving “take home” methadone doses were substantially less likely to be admitted to the hospital with 74 percent lower odds of hospitalization. The data also showed no evidence that the dose of methadone was associated with hospitalization.


Source: MedicalNewsToday.com – June 18, 2012