EUROPAD Journal – Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems March 2012 Issue Now Available Online

Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems, the official journal of EUROPAD (European Opiate Addiction Treatment Association), is a peer-reviewed publication for professionals wanting to stay informed of research and opinion on opioid misuse treatment in Europe and around the world. A particular emphasis is on medication-assisted treatments for opioid addiction. Articles in the March issue include:

  • How should methadone and buprenorphine treatment be organized and regulated? A comparison between two systems in the context of a EUROPAD Conference in Brussels
  • Heroin addicts’ psychopathological subtypes. Correlations with the natural history of illness
  • Profile of an addict, or, beyond the addiction mask
  • Factors associated with discharge against medical advice from an alcohol and drug inpatient detoxification unit in Barcelona between 1993 and 2006
  • A compartmental model for the pharmacokinetics of heroin and its metabolites in man
  • The state of the art regarding heroin addicts in prisons in Slovenia during the period from 1990 to 2008
  • Clinical assessment of opiate induction: The Opiate Dosage Adequacy Scale Induction Form (O.D.A.S.-IF)