New York Bill Introduced on Methadone Clinic Location Restrictions

On January 27 the state of New York introduced an ACT to amend the mental hygiene law, in relation to the location of methadone treatment centers. The ACT would prohibit the establishment or continued operation of a methadone clinic within five hundred feet of an educational institution at the secondary level or below, day care center, park, church, synagogue or other place of worship unless located within a hospital.

Source: State of New York Assembly – January 27, 2012


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    With the recent up- surge in opioid prescription abuse, (should be classified as a pandemic) one would think that there should be a movement to increase locations of methadone treatment to combat this problem. This problem is similar to the heroin epidemic of the sixties. Increases in drug related crimes are sure to follow, just as they did in the 60’s, meaning more money to the criminal justice system (e.g. ,Department of Corrections,Court system,Legal Aid, etc). I think by now we should have learned that treatment is the answer not prison. “you think!”.

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