Nearly 50 Attica, New York Inmates Falsely Test Positive for Suboxone Use

A total of 57 inmates tested positive for the use of Suboxone, a drug containing buprenorphine, a medication used to treat opiate addiction.

Inmates testing positive were subject to disciplinary hearings that resulted in many cases, solitary confinement, the loss phone use and commissary privileges, loss of family visitation and loss of accrued “good time status”, which can affect parole hearing outcomes.

After nearly a month of complaints, the Superintendent of Attica contacted the manufacturer of the drug testing equipment, who, after testing, found it to be mis-calibrated, leading to the false-positive results.

As a result, 48 of the 57 prisoners who tested positive for Suboxone will have their positive test reversed and have imposed sanctions reversed.

Source: Buffalo, New York  – January 21, 2012