New OxyContin Has Lower Street Price Than Old Crushable Formulation

The new harder to crush version of OxyContin has a lower street price than the original, according to research revealed at a conference of law enforcement officers November 15. A new formulation of the opioid pain reliever OxyContin was launched in 2010, accompanied by hope that it would deter drug abuse, injection and overdose. A year later, researchers have shown that the new formulation sells for 28% less than the original OxyContin on the black market, using street price data from the RADARS® System The price per milligram of the new difficult to crush OxyContin is $0.56, compared to $0.78 for the original during the first half of this year. Similar results were seen in a survey of law enforcement officers from the RADARS System Drug Diversion program.

Source: RADARS System – November 15, 2011