Survey: Most Massachusetts Parents Unaware of Prescription Drug Dangers

A vast majority of Massachusetts parents don’t realize that some prescription drugs contain ingredients similar to heroin, and some have even given their children prescription pain medication without a doctor’s consent, a new study shows.

Results of the Internet survey – conducted by the nonprofit organization, Partnership at, and released today by state officials – underscore a lack of understanding by some parents of the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Among the 305 Massachusetts parents surveyed, 67 percent say they are concerned their children will try drugs. But only 2 percent say they are concerned about prescription drugs, a figure that lags far behind that of alcohol (33 percent), marijuana (11 percent) and cocaine or crack (6 percent).

Furthermore, only 30 percent say they realized that the main ingredient in many prescription drugs, including Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin, is similar to heroin and morphine.

Source: The Partnership at – October 12, 2011