Report: Drug Dealers Tap Ohio Seniors to Procure Painkillers for Illegal Street Sales

Drug dealers around Ohio are developing new sources for prescription painkillers by buying them from senior citizens, sometimes as the patients leave pharmacies, according to a state report to be released this week that shows Ohio’s prescription painkiller epidemic is continuing and in some cases may be getting worse.

The report by the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network also blames an increase in heroin use on addicts switching from prescription painkillers, which are more expensive and harder to obtain.–Drug-Deaths-Seniors/#share

Source: The Columbus Republic – October 4, 2011


    • ashley says

      I agree. I am a disabled pain management patient and cant get my own script filled. Pharmacies seem to fill cash scripts faster. It isnt hard to see if someone needs these meds they probably cant work and can’t afford to pay cash unless they are selling them. Pharmacies are making the problem worse, they should have to take medicaid, medicare and other insurances before they take any cash payments.

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